Jenna, Jayda, and AuBAR

Monday, 8 September 2008

Last Friday I had the unique opportunity to shoot for a poster for the Vancouver club AuBAR, located across the street from the downtown Bay.  By the way, AuBAR is clean, classy, has a great atmosphere and music, friendly staff, and definitely a great vibe.  But I digress...  I showed up at AuBAR with my studio setup with no idea what the shoot was about other than being for a poster; however, I did get to talk to the promotions manager, Naava, who explained that he needed a couple of shots of "the girls" (Jenna and Jayda) to add to one of his promotional posters.  We had about a half hour to shoot before the club's patrons started to fill the place, but we managed to set up and tear down the studio and grab a few keepers of the two beauties in their go-go dancing outfits despite the rush.  Both girls were super friendly and great to work with and to hang out with while I ran around getting a bunch of atmosphere shots.

Jenna and Jayda in the makeshift studio on the actual dance floor

Jayda swaying on the bar top next to the VIP lounge 

Dance crowds.  There was only a split second when the right light was on the woman on the left 

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