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Sunday, 5 October 2008

I've just gotten home from Rolando Gomez's very first Back to the Ranch glamour workshop event.  I got to meet and be mentored by some of the greats in photography: Rolando, Harrison Funk, Eli Reed, Shelly Katz, and Jim Lewchuk.  And of course I got to work with tremendously talented professional models who made it extremely easy to get great pictures -- like shooting fish in a barrel, I said on a few occasions.  I can't forget to thank the MUAs as well, who got the girls looking positively radiant.  While the event and the photography were great, it'll always be the new friendships I've made as well as the nuggets of information I learned or that were reinforced, and the confidence gained that will always stay with me.  I also had the great fortune to have spend both some extra shooting time and downtime with Marinda Thomas and Rika Hollings, two talented, beautiful, and incredibly fun women to work with, and I expect we'll find some way to get together again.

Above all, I was impressed by the level of integrity of the greats, the passion for their work, but also the commitment towards the well-being and dignity of their client, very many of whom are public figures.  And as Rolando has said before in his phototherapy articles, photographers have a very powerful tool at their disposal to affect both positively and negatively the psychological well-being of their subject, and that is a power to be used carefully.  Jim Lewchuk, whom I had the great fortune to spend a good amount of time with and respect immensely, wrote a great article in JPG magazine about fleeting moments in time and the photographer's privilege in capturing these forever.

Technically, what I really got back into was available light shooting under tough conditions.  It gets really, really easy to fall back to supplemental lighting or to scurry for the safety of the indoor studio when the lighting is tough midday sun.  The majority of the images were done available light only and very limited use of reflectors, given them a very clean, realistic feel.  The D3's huge dynamic range at low ISOs allowed me to really back off the exposure to save highlight detail and compensate in post.

Here are some pictures that haven't already been posted to my Model Mayhem portfolio.


Marinda Thomas


Katy Johnson

Amy Davis

Holley Dorrough

Laura O


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