Friday, 14 November 2008

On my way to Cliff Mautner's excellent photography workshop outside Philadelphia, I took the chance to visit The City -- New York City (what else?) for those that live outside NYC -- for a few hours.  The whirlwind tour started just outside Camden, NJ, onto the River Line train to Trenton, then onto the NJTransit express train to The City, through Secaucus, New Brunswick, Newark, and finally ending at Penn Station.  Two and half hours and $13 after I left, I was in The City!  All this on less then 4 hours of sleep. 

Going up the Empire State Building consumed about two hours passing through security, the endless snaking lineups, photo booth, and tourist shop, though the view was certainly breathtaking.  Afterwards, I continued on 34th through Macy's, then hopped the subway up to 57th and Central Park, over to the Trump Hotel and Tower, back down on Broadway, through Times Square, over to Grand Central Station (by a fortuitous subway mistake), down to visit the Ground Zero and Battery Park, then back to Penn station.  The NJ countryside and small towns were charming and beautiful with the turning leaves still on trees.  The City is amazingly clean and so full of people energy, a contrast to its grubby, mugger-infested reputation that seems very antiquated.

Food grabbed on the run: a bagel, hotdog, a pizza, and a pretzel -- my own NYC combo!

The Creative Company Name Award goes to "Mr. Driving School", sighted somewhere outside Newark.


View from atop the ESB

Central Park

Times Square (picture courtesty of some passing photography students)

Battery Park (a little sparsely populated oasis of calm -- just a handful of people there)

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