Oh, the humanity

Sunday, 16 November 2008

I was texting Christa a few days ago on my trusty Motorola KRZR phone at the airport.  For those who don't know, it has a proprietary predictive text mode similar to T9, where all you have to do is start typing the first few letters of the word and it'll suggest a complete word that you can then press the Up arrow key to accept.  It can save time; however, as I was typing out the first few letters of airplane (2, 4, 7, 7), the darn phone helpfully jumped in and suggested airship.  WTF?  This isn't 1937!  Only if I type in the "l" will it then suggest airplane.  My programmer mind doesn't see why this should happen!

I don't think I've ever typed the word airship in my life, until now (twice and counting).  What's the probability someone would actually want to type "Hey just abt to board the airship. Cn u pick me up pls?" 

I mean, really, someone needs to revise the built-in dictionary to add in a the few common words that don't pop up like responsiveness, mustang, waif, and aperitif (which results in the very King Kong-esque apeshuge) and take out the less-common ones that do come up such as Jagath, Noelia, Roxana and Isling (which, amazingly enough, DOES mean "to make an island of something").  There is no penne or macaroni, but there is spaghettiStoichiometry comes up with the amusing Runicgimmetry.  Amusing how?  Gimmetry doesn't exist, so far as I know, but it sounds cool, so I think I'll officially make it so and provide an example: "The kids' gimmetry was getting on my nerves as they were both fighting over one toy and screaming, 'Gimme!  Gimme!'"

Anyway, I suppose if you need to tell Noelia that you're going to swing by to pick her up in your airship to go create some islands and she'd better bring a shovel, well, hey, you've saved yourself some typing.  And no snobby aperitifs after you're done, just "go out for drinks".

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