Saturday, 20 December 2008

Funny how things come in threes.  First, my brother and sister (both expecting at the same time) asked me to take a few quick expecting-a-baby shots in our living room.  At around the same time, Janette and Amanda independently looked me up on Model Mayhem and asked if I might be interested in working on maternity shoots with them, to which I happily agreed.

So here's maternity shoot #3 with Amanda, the most challenging of the lot technically, but that's how I work, and I like it.  This shoot involved some outside pictures on a cloudy day as well as an indoor studio set up in her livingroom with my Hensel Porty and SB's.  In other words, here was a great opportunity to put into practice my "work slower and methodically to get the killer shot" mantra.  Amanda and her hubby John were a lot of fun, as were her two very helpful young relatives who were recruited as extremely able studio assistants! 

While I'm always conscious about making mothers-to-be work that much or stay too long in uncomfortable poses, they always seem to have as much or more stamina than I do.  This was certainly the case with Amanda, where I was pretty beat at the end of three hours.  We got some great results from our hard work and it was a lot of fun.  Hopefully we'll hook up again once the new sister/daughter arrives.  Amanda has a Nikon D40 and is a good photographer so I'm sure she'll be busy taking her fair share of images!

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