BC Supreme Court Welcoming Ceremony

Saturday, 21 March 2009

I was privileged to be the official photographer for the welcoming ceremony of two new BC supreme court justices - Justices Harvey and Verhoeven.  The ceremony was held in one of the heritage criminal courtrooms at the New Westminster courthouse and was one of the rare times cameras are allowed into the courthouse.  Basically, the way it goes is the justices all attend, dignitaries such as the Chief Justice and Attorney General make glowing and often humourous speeches about the appointees, and the new appointees respond in kind.  After the shoot, we retired to the judges' chambers to get some shots of friends and family.  This shoot was definitely interesting in that I switched between available light (ISO 3200 on the D3 and D700) and portable studio light with the Hensel to get a variety of natural, yet dramatic looks in the windowless courtroom.

Categories:   Photography
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