Milos and Shawn: Fort Langley Medieval Theme Wedding

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Take a dream movie set location in the fields and forest outside Fort Langley without any signs of civilization, add a medieval theme, and have guests dress up in period costumes.  Add in some swords, bows, and horses, and a ceremonial platform built by the groom.  That was Milos and Shawn's wedding.  And yes, yours truly had fun dressing up for the part as well, though the twin cameras slung over my shoulders probably seemed a little anachronistic.  It was a sweltering day, and luckily they'd brought out a Sno-Cone machine for everybody!  The afternoon's entertainment included a harp player, singer, and belly dancers, and ample opportunity to try one's hand at archery.  Dinner was a fantastic spread of home made items like a whole roast pig, rabbits and chicken, followed by dancing.  It was a great setting for me to work in some wonderful, ethereal, fairy-tale photos to go along with documenting the ceremony and festivities.

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