Miriam and Tony: Cecil Green Wedding

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I love winter light. There's a diffuse, sometimes stark nature to it, that really is photo friendly. Miriam and Tony had previously booked me way back in the summer and we had a great engagement session. When I talked to Miriam and Tony again, Miriam was worried about the fact that the day they had picked was just a few days before Christmas, and that maybe the weather wouldn't be that great, and was I OK with it? Absolutely no problem, I reassured her. I can handle any situation, and I told her about the nice winter light and that we can always work with whatever nature (or man/womankind) threw at us.

Wouldn't you believe it though, the day turned out to be sunny! I had been watching the weather forecasts eagerly and this was the one sunny day in between days of rain. I started off at the Sutton Place Hotel, where Miriam got ready with her sister and friends. The ceremony and reception lunch venue, Cecil Green House, a cool old house on the University of BC grounds, was a really nice location. The windows in the ceremony area allowed light to stream in and backlight the couple as they took their vows. This was pretty challenging lighting, but the amazing dynamic range of the cameras allowed me to retain the feel of the wedding without having to resort to using flash. After that, it was off to the reception in a different part of the house (very convenient and smart planning for a winter wedding and its unpredictable weather). After that it was off to a nice bright atrium-like extension for the tea ceremony. The house actually swallowed up a surprising number of people.

The weather started to turn a little towards rain at the end, but we were done by then and had a great number of images. Congrats guys, and I hope you had a great honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean!



I loved this spontaneous expression of delight (I can almost hear the squeals of joy!):

There’s a great bride ready room off one of the Cecil Green meeting rooms




Miriam shared a few quiet emotional moments with her dad before walking down the aisle:





Miriam's little niece was so cute and such a hoot!



The Yorkeen room, originally the dining room of the house, nicely decorated for lunch










Venue: Cecil Green Park House

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