At a Theatre Near You

Thursday, 13 May 2010

I was asked to shoot a photo at the Richmond Go Kart Track for their Silver City cinema campaign.  The campaign included various posters and a slide on the rotating advertising slideshow on the big screen prior to the movie previews. 

The track is a great family outing: the karts are easy to drive, and while one can pretty much drive flat-out through the whole track without braking, it’s a more relaxing setup than going to one of the other local tracks where you’ll spin out into the weeds or barriers if your driving skills aren’t up to snuff.

They were in a bit of a rush to get the images under a deadline, and there was very little time to set up as I could only disrupt the track operations for only so long.  To top it off, it was an extremely overcast day that later turned to rain, not exactly ideal situations for a spring/summer campaign -– grey, shadowless, flat light -- ugh.

So in order to simulate sun and bring out at least a little punch, texture, and modeling on the cars and people, I set up a single Hensel Porty light out on the track, triggered it with Pocket Wizards, and set to overpower the sun slightly.  I arranged the cars and selected a focal length and shooting distance to get the right compression effects on the cars.  A few dozen shots on the D3x and the 70-200VRII later, we were done and the track was back in operation (and I was dodging karts while hefting my gear back to safety).

A shot of the setup courtesy of Isabelle, who was shadowing me:


Here’s the finished movie version, courtesy of Talia Cohen, the designer:


And the poster:


I think they look great!



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